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Job Title: Credit Risk Manager
Location: Aberdeen
Department: Lending
FLSA Status: Exempt
Job Grade:
Report to: Senior Vice President Risk Management and General Counsel

Job Summary
Manage various internal control development and review activities pertaining to the credit function of the bank consistent with the Company’s risk management guidelines. Manage credit risk by ensuring loan files comply with state and federal law and regulation and adhere to the Company’s Loan Policy; validating risk ratings on individual credits; identifying potential credit problems; and advising the Credit Administration Department with respect to the Company’s Loan Policy.


The accountabilities of this job are as follows:

  • identification of risks within the lending function of the bank; identification and development of internal controls to mitigate such risks; and drafting of policies and procedures to support such internal controls;
  • work closely with the Credit Administration; Compliance and Security; and Internal Audit Departments to interpret applicable laws and regulations, ensure the full scope of internal audit and review activities and guard against the duplication of effort;
  • development and performance of reviews of loan files and certain internal controls to ensure adherence to the Company’s Loan Policy and proper documentation and organization; to identify deteriorating loans; and to determine the appropriateness of the assigned risk rating;
  • preparation of reports of review findings, which reports will be shared with the Credit Administration Department for response and delivered to the Dacotah Bank Audit Committee for approval;
  • review of letters of credit to ensure an adequate understanding of the bank’s exposure;
  • review of revolving lines of credit to identify unused capacities and opportunities to reduce the bank’s exposure;
  • extract pertinent information about the loan portfolio for periodic reporting to the Credit Administration Department, including loan concentrations;
  • service on bank committees as assigned; and
  • performance of other duties as assigned.


The qualifications for this job are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree from an accredited four-year college or university and three to five years of experience working in the lending department of a commercial financial institution.  Preference will be given to applicants  with advanced knowledge of agriculture or commercial financing or bank review functions;
  • advanced knowledge of a bank’s lending function and familiarity with lien perfection, financial statements, trend analysis, cash flows and other similar loan underwriting considerations;
  • abilities to be self-motivated; pay attention to detail; simultaneously handle multiple tasks; meet identified deadlines and work independently to complete assigned tasks;
  • excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • ability to maintain the confidentiality of Company, employee and customer information;
  • abilities to identify risks within the bank and its parent holding company; identify weaknesses in internal controls; and propose  policies and procedures to support internal controls;
  • ability to develop and perform reviews of certain internal controls and to prepare reports of review findings; and
  • willingness to travel up to ten to fourteen weeks per year.


Performance Measures

The performance measures for this job shall be those established in the incumbent’s current Performance Planning and Appraisal Program.  The Accountabilities in this job description together with the incumbent’s established performance measures serve as the vocational objectives.  If you are just entering this job, you and your supervisor will meet within the first two weeks of your employment to establish your performance measures for the current year.


Hardware and Software Requirements

The hardware and software required to do this job are as follows:

  • Hardware: Telephone; Personal Computer; and Copy Machine, Facsimile Machine, Printer and other basic office equipment; and
  • Software: Microsoft Office Products, Core Banking System and Financial Analysis Software.


Exertion/Physical Requirements

The exertion and physical requirements of this job are as follows:

  • Moving objects weighing up to 25 pounds;
  • Sitting at least half of the work day;
  • Standing as much as 40 percent of the work day;
  • Walking approximately 10 percent of the work day;
  • Placing objects on and removing objects from shelves;
  • Dexterity and Coordination;
  • Reading;
  • Oral and Written (including Typing) Communication; and
  • Listening and Hearing.
Employment Application Instructions

Please indicate the position you are applying for on all correspondence.

All applicants must complete these four printable forms and mail them to us at the below address:
Dacotah Bank Employment Application
Dacotah Bank Affirmative Action
Dacotah Bank Self-Identification of Veteran Status
Dacotah Bank Self-Identification of Disability

Mail completed forms to: Human Resources, Dacotah Banks, Inc., PO Box 1496, Aberdeen, SD 57402 Or email completed forms to

Please enclose your resume when submitting the above forms.

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