About Us

Dacotah Bank is uniquely nimble as a state-chartered bank and locally impactful through Give Where We Live. Dacotah Bank provides banking, insurance, mortgage, and trust and wealth management services to customers who enjoy existing financial relationships with us.

  • Mission and Vision

    Mission: To exceed customer expectations.

    Vision: The employees of Dacotah Banks, Inc. and Dacotah Bank, and the Company’s Boards of Directors establish this Vision and make the following promises:

    • We will be a well-capitalized Company and growing profitably at a rate that both ensures the independence and viability of the Company and enhances shareholder value.
    • We will provide an extraordinary and holistic customer experience and deliver the products and services they need.
    • We will equip and empower employees to exceed customer expectations and work in a culture that promotes effective communication and encourages teamwork.
    • We will make positive impacts within the communities in which we live and work.
  • Give Where We Live


    Dacotah Bank actively promotes employees’ support for communities, whether financial or deed-oriented. Giving and serving is consistent with Dacotah Bank’s cultural history and current mission, vision and values. Providing our associates with the “voice” to determine how the organization allocates charitable giving, on a local level, is a key initiative.




  • Our Culture

    To understand and live Dacotah Bank's culture, now and in the future, the Culture Book serves as a guide on the company's Vision, Mission, and Team Values.


  • Our History

    The year 1882 is notable for several reasons:

    • Standard Oil was organized.
    • False teeth were patented.
    • The first World Series was played (Cincinnati vs. Chicago).
    • The tuberculosis germ was discovered.
    • The first string of Christmas lights was created by Thomas Edison.
    • Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born.

    Also, on a sultry fall day in 1882, B.C. Lamont disembarked a train in Brown County, Dakota Territory, and walked into the newly platted town of Aberdeen with just $15 in his pockets.

    Besides succeeding in real estate and mortgage banking, this frontier businessman later in life mentored three men who would found one of the largest independent banking systems in the Upper Great Plains.

    The timeline below recounts the history of that banking system. Click the timeline image to expand.


We also market these services to prospective customers residing in or doing business from our defined trade area. Dacotah Bank's trade area includes:

  • All of South Dakota
  • All of North Dakota
  • All of Minnesota
  • Counties in Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa that are adjacent to North Dakota and South Dakota.