Dacotah Bank Apple Watch App

  • View first 10 account balances
  • View 10 most recent transactions

Enable the Feature from the Dacotah Bank app

Before you can view balances on your Apple Watch, you must first enable the feature in your Dacotah Bank app. 

To do so: Log into your Dacotah Bank app, and access Apple Watch from the Main Menu, under Settings, to enable the feature. 


View Account Balances

Once enabled, you can view your Account Balances. (The first 10 accounts that show on the Account Summary Page will display). 

  • If you have more than 10 accounts, you can re-order the display from the account summary page in your Dacotah Bank app or on your desktop. 

On your Apple Watch, swipe left and right to scroll through and view different Account Balances. 


View Transactions

  • You can also view the 10 most recent transactions for each account via your Apple Watch. 
  • To view transactions, tap on the Watch screen and swipe up and down to scroll through the transactions list. There is also a Back option to navigate back to the Account list.