Personal Estate and Trust Services

Plan for the future, build your net worth, protect your family or secure your legacy. We are here to help people manage their money toward their goals. We are here to help people create plans for a legacy they can live with. We are here to help people manage farms for optimal peace of mind and market value. Whether you have a small question, some big ideas or you want an in depth review of what you have, please visit with us. Stop by or call your local Dacotah Bank location or contact us at your convenience.

Estate and Trust Services

We work with you and your advisors offering strategies to minimize estate, generation-skipping, and income taxes. We will sit down and help you understand the different options and roles involved in shaping a legacy you can live with.

  • Estate Planning
    • Personal In-depth review of all retirement plans
    • Retirement cash flow planning
    • Trusts and will planning
    • Legacy and Dynasty trusts
    • Oil, gas, and mineral rights management
    • Gift and charitable options
    • Liquidity analysis for estate settlement and final distribution
    • 1042 Election options
  • Charitable Giving

    You may have an idea what you would like to do – you just don’t know how it would affect your plans for yourself and your heirs. We can help model scenarios to help you decide what planning tools are right for you.

  • Trustee Services

    A third-party trustee can serve your family without bias or emotion. Talk with us, your attorney, your accountant, or your financial advisor and discuss the benefits of having a Trustee involved in executing your plan.

  • Estate Settlement Services

    We can reduce disharmony among family members when a loved one passes away. Estate Settlement is an important service that manages payment of all final expenses and a smooth transition of assets to beneficiaries.

    We help with –

    • Funeral arrangement assistance
    • Filing of life and health insurance claims
    • Facilitating family meetings
    • Payment of all final expenses
    • Distribution of assets
  • South Dakota Directed Trustee Services

    Why South Dakota is 'Trust-friendly'

    • No state income tax
    • No state estate or inheritance tax
    • No Trust (fiduciary) income tax
    • No 'Rule Against Perpetuities' (the Trust can last forever)
    • Ranked in the top four states for Trusts (Trusts & Estates magazine - January 2012)
    • State law allows for designation of an outside investment advisor
  • Dynasty Trusts

    When it is important to preserve your wealth a Dynasty, or Perpetual Trust, may be a good solution.

    • A tool to preserve wealth for successive generations
    • A legal method to minimize Federal estate, gift, and inheritance taxes
    • A strategy for asset protection from creditors, judgments, and divorces
    • Irrevocable at document signing or upon death

    Dynasty Trusts are most beneficial when -

    • Your family has a high net worth
    • You have cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and insurance policies to preserve
    • You want to benefit future generations in a way that works in concert with your estate plan
    • You want peace of mind knowing assets are secure and goals are fulfilled

Investment and Wealth Management

Accumulation, growth, protection or legacy planning; whatever phase you are in we are here for you! Call, click, or come in to visit with your local Dacotah Bank Wealth Advisor or Contact Us.

  • Retirement Planning

    What if you wanted to…?

    That is where we come in. We help you create a plan draft and then let you say “what if we…?”

    We then model potential outcomes that let you make important choices. We will work with you to understand all your assets and retirement plans; how they work together and how they work toward your goals living in retirement.

  • Investment management

    It’s your money and we can help you control it and make it work for you.

    As you accumulate wealth and assets, professional Money Management becomes more important.

    To learn more, Contact Us.

    • Money market accounts
    • Mutual funds
    • Individual stocks and bonds
    • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
    • Trust planning and management
    • Life insurance
  • Charitable Giving

    You may have an idea what you would like to do but you just don’t know how it would affect your plans for yourself and your heirs. We can help model scenarios to help you decide what planning tools are right for you.

  • Foundation and Endowment Services

    For many years, a significant portion of our total discretionary assets under management at Dacotah Bank have been comprised of relationships with charitable and non-profit organizations including colleges, universities, hospitals, private foundations, and other various charitable organizations.

    Currently, not-for-profit assets under management are about a third of our discretionary assets.

  • Bill Paying and Elder Care Services

    It’s good to know professional management of financial affairs and medical recordkeeping, often called Elder Care, is just a phone call away.

    • Investment asset management – statements are summarized to report status of income and expenses
    • Health care – we pay medical bills, process Medicare and insurance claims, and coordinate home health care
    • Tax return assistance – we collect information for your tax preparer
    • Estate coordination and settlement – we make sure wills are current; funeral arrangement are made; final expenses are paid; and assets are distributed
    • Bill paying service – we pay bills and other expenses on your behalf