Product Videos

A helpful library of product how-to's for Dacotah Bank Online and Mobile banking.

  • New Services

    Personal Financial Management

    Interact with, understand, and better manage your finances.

  • Services
    Bill Payments

    Pay your bills from your bank account without having to write checks and mail them.  

    Biller Direct

    Biller Direct provides a centralized environment where you can enroll, manage your bills and view projected spend when you pay with your debit or credit card.


    Zelle allows you to transfer from your bank account to another individual's account.

    Card Swap

    Instantly update your debit or credit card information with tons of subscriptions such as Amazon, Netflix or Uber.

    Mobile Deposit

    Use your mobile device to deposit checks wherever you have internet access!

  • Transactions
    Activity Center

    View all activity initated within online banking.

    Funds Transfer

    Learn how to transfer funds from one Dacotah Bank account to another.


  • Settings
    Online Alerts

    Get notify when transactions occur and remind you of important events.

  • Navigation and Layout
  • Business Banking Product Videos
    ACH File Import

    Commercial Payments

    Commercial Templates

    Positive Pay

    Recipient Management

    Split Payments

    Tax Payments

    User Management