Farm and Ranch Management

We manage agricultural land and assets as well as oil, gas, and mineral rights. You will earn what you should on cash rent. Your land will be managed professionally for profitability and proper stewardship.

  • Lease negotiations
  • Rent and payments collection
  • Payment of taxes, insurance, and related expenses
  • Compliance with complicated farm programs
  • Land inspections
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Environmental assessments
  • Bill paying and Elder Care services
    • It’s good to know professional management of financial affairs and medical recordkeeping often called Elder Care is just a phone call away.
    • Investment asset management – statements are summarized to report status of income and expenses
    • Health care – we pay medical bills, process Medicare and insurance claims, and coordinate home health care
    • Tax return assistance – we collect information for your tax preparer
    • Estate coordination and settlement – we make sure wills are current; funeral arrangement are made; final expenses are paid; and assets are distributed
    • Bill paying service – we pay bills and other expenses on your behalf
  • Estate and Trust Services